Assisted Living Care vs. Nursing Home Care

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After you’ve made the decision that it’s time to place your loved one in a long-term care facility, you’ll have to decide what kind of facility will best fit their needs. When you work with Above And Beyond and take advantage of our free senior placement service in Phoenix and the surrounding areas, we’ll help you determine whether assisted living care or nursing home care is better for your loved one, among other considerations. This blog will outline some of the key differences between assisted living homes and nursing homes, so you can get a better idea of the differences between assisted living vs nursing home before you meet with us.

Assisted Living vs Nursing homes

Medical Attention

If your loved one has serious medical needs, a nursing home is consistently a better option. Nursing homes have nursing professionals who can provide care 24 hours a day, and these professionals are frequently needed by the residents. Nearly half of all nursing home residents in 2005 had dementia, and more than half were confined to a bed or wheelchair.

However, both nursing homes and assisted living facilities offer medication management and administration.

Other Care Services

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities both offer assistance with personal care such as bathing, dressing, and using the toilet. Help with meals, laundry, and housekeeping is also available at both. In assisted living facilities, however, residents are much more independent and can indicate how much help they truly need with these services. Ultimately, nursing homes offer more personal assistance and assisted living offers more independence.

Personal Space

In most nursing homes, your loved one will have a private or shared room, but not with extensive space. Residents in assisted living facilities typically have a private or shared apartment or studio with private baths and kitchenettes.




Facility Space

The majority of nursing homes have some common areas and either limited or no outside areas for residents. Assisted living facilities generally have extensive common living spaces and outside grounds for the residents. Assisted living also generally has more recreational activities for its residents than nursing homes do, and they typically offer non-medical transportation.


Assisted living costs will vary between facilities, but the average annual cost in Arizona is $42,000 — just below the national average. This works out to be $3,500 per month, and is much less expensive than national nursing home costs, which is more than double the price.

The primary differences between the two housing facilities are the level of medical care offered by the staff and the independence of the resident. When you’re debating between the two options, consider your loved one’s needs for bathing, grooming, dressing, or toilet assistance. Consider needs for transportation, medication management, complex medical care, and 24-hour supervision.


First and foremost, you should decide which facility will provide the best health and happiness for your loved one. When you work with Above And Beyond, we’ll provide a free placement service so you can be confident your loved one is getting the long-term care they need in the Phoenix area. We’ll have an in-person interview to make sure we understand their needs, and we’ll research facilities in the area to give them the best possible care. Contact us today to get started!

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