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Finding Top Assisted Living Facilities in Glendale, AZ

At Above & Beyond Senior Placement Services, our caring and compassionate team of senior care consultants is here to help you find the best options for assisted living in Glendale for you or your loved ones. Our free assisted living & senior care placement services can help you make a confident decision for the future, eliminating the stress and uncertainty often associated with choosing from the wide variety of Glendale assisted living communities.

Our placement agency for senior care is locally-owned and operated, giving us the advantage of an exceptional familiarity and understanding of Glendale and the surrounding areas. With more than two decades of experience, relationships with countless communities for assisted living in Glendale and the surrounding valley, and a longstanding commitment to serving Arizona seniors, Above & Beyond Senior Placement Services is prepared to provide the support and guidance you need to find a wonderful place for you or a loved one to call home.

Learn More about Assisted Living in Glendale, AZ

Glendale offers an excellent range of options to suit your needs when it comes to choice for senior living. One of the many types of living arrangements our eldercare placement consultants can help you find is assisted living, which provides a balance of independence and professional support for seniors.

There are an array of amenities to enjoy for residents of assisted living communities. Living in close proximity to fellow seniors creates a wealth of opportunities for social interaction and activity, while the apartment-style housing ensures privacy and a sense of independence. Many Arizona assisted living communities offer varying levels of personal care and housekeeping services, with limited nursing services often also available.

Glendale, AZ assisted living communities are required to be licensed by the Division of Public Health Licensing and the Bureau of Residential Communities Licensing through the AZ Department of Health Services (ADHS). Licensing regulations ensure that all residents live in safe, clean, and comfortable environments with proper care and support as needed.

If you’re searching for a way to budget for senior living for yourself or a loved one, our Glendale placement agency for senior care can help you navigate the process of finding financial assistance for seniors. Public assistance for assisted living is available for eligible individuals, provided by the Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS).

Cost of Assisted Living in Glendale, AZ

One of the most common questions our senior care consultants receive is, “How much does assisted living cost in Glendale, AZ?” Because the Valley has such a diverse range of senior living options, there are choices to suit virtually every budget. Financial assistance may also be available for those that qualify.

The median cost of assisted living in Glendale with Maricopa County and the neighboring communities is approximately $ 4,050 per month. Arizona’s annual median cost for assisted living is about $45,000. It’s important to consider that this cost covers both the residence and the community’s services, such as housekeeping, limited nursing, and personal care.

For seniors who want to spend their golden years in scenic Arizona, with plenty of sun, warm weather, and community amenities, Glendale’s assisted living communities can be the perfect match.

Arts, Culture, Entertainment, and Recreation

Glendale and the surrounding Valley have become one of the most desirable places for senior living in the country. The city of Glendale is an outstanding place for seniors to call home with its warm climate, mild winters, and friendly locals.

The Valley Metro Transit System provides the convenience of public transportation, including 106 bus lines and a light rail system that covers 20 miles (with ongoing expansion planned). Seniors can take advantage of paratransit from Valley Metro, facilitated by Phoenix Dial-a-Ride. The program offers transportation for elderly and disabled residents within Glendale, as well as the nearby cities and the towns of Phoenix, Goodyear and more.

In addition to the ease of public transportation, seniors planning to live in Glendale can also look forward to the city’s plethora of arts, culture, entertainment, and recreation activities. The metro city area is home to 10 major museums, multiple performing arts theatres, and even an opera and symphony. Events in Glendale include various art walks and festivals, dinner theatres, farmers’ markets, and so much more. For seniors looking for things to do in Glendale, the options are virtually endless.

Get Senior Assisted Living Placement in Glendale, AZ

Above & Beyond Senior Placement Services provides expert senior living placement services at absolutely no cost to you, simplifying the experience of finding the perfect place for you or a loved one to call home. We understand that choosing an assisted living facility in Glendale is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. Our senior care consultants are truly passionate about the work that we do and are dedicated to helping every senior enjoy the wonderful quality of life they deserve.

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