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With a wide array of senior living and care options to choose from, it’s possible to find the right home for yourself or an elderly loved one, no matter how complex your needs may be. A continuous care retirement community offers a comprehensive approach to senior living, providing a comfortable place for your friends and family to call home through all stages of their later years.

What is a Continuing Care Community?

A continuing care retirement community (CCRC) is designed to provide seniors with a residence that adjusts to their needs as they age, offering a lifelong place to call home. CCRCs can vary in terms of services offered and overall structure, but a majority operate according to a tiered program that allows the resident to customize the type and amount of services they receive.

Many seniors at CCRCs live in single-family homes or apartments completely independently, maintaining this lifestyle as long as possible. If and when they need additional help or support, it is available in their community. This “all-in-one” systems means that many CCRCs provide meals, housekeeping, transportation, and health and emergency services as desired by individual residents. CCRCs often include on-site assisted living homes or skilled nursing areas where they can deliver medication management, personal care, and other services.

The biggest benefit of continuous care is that the residents remain in the community they know and love throughout all stages of their life as a senior, maintaining connections to their neighbors and enjoying a comfortable sense of familiarity.

How Can an Elder Care Placement Agency Help Me Find a Continuing Care Community?

An elder care placement agency is designed to match seniors with the care and living arrangement that serves their needs, providing expert recommendations for a variety of communities and facilities including continuous care. Typically, an agency consultant will meet with the senior and their family to discuss specific medical needs, preferred living arrangements, budget, location, and other factors. After the consultant has gathered pertinent details, they review their network of senior communities and facilities to find what adequately suits the individual’s variety of needs and wants. The consultant shares their recommendations with the family, and can then support them in the enrollment process and overall transition.

While some agencies charge for these services, others (such as Above and Beyond Senior Placement Service) offers them at no cost to their senior and their family.

Find the Perfect Senior Living Community in Phoenix with Above and Beyond Senior Placement Service

With more than 20 years of experience as Phoenix’s best assisted living placement agency, Above and Beyond Senior Placement Service has the expertise you need to choose the community that best suits your specific needs. Whether you’re interested in continuous care, assisted living, an independent senior community, or hospice care in Phoenix, our senior care consultants can provide tailored recommendations and support through every step of the process. In addition to assisted living placement, we also offer emergency nursing home placement to help families facing unexpected circumstances and events.

All services from Above and Beyond are provided at no cost to you, meaning you can rest assured you’ll never receive a bill at any point during the placement process. We are dedicated to helping families find elderly care in Phoenix and its surrounding cities, focusing on reducing your burden and eliminating stress rather than add to it with excessive charges and fees.

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