How To Ensure Your Loved One Is Being Cared For

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Putting your loved one into a long-term care facility takes a lot of trust. We have all heard the frightening stories of elder abuse and neglect in nursing homes, and it is important to make sure that your senior loved one is going to get the appropriate care.

You’re relying on nurses and professionals to take care of your loved one’s physical, mental, and emotional health. You may often find yourself wondering if your parent or grandparent is truly being cared for in their new assisted living facility. If this is the case, follow the tips below to ease your conscience or know whether you need to find a new facility. When you work with Above And Beyond to place your loved one in a long-term care facility in the Phoenix area, you can be confident they’ll be taken care of.

Monitor Finances And Bills

Just as you tracked their bills prior to their entry to an assisted living facility, you should continue to do so. You should review their medical bills thoroughly. Financial abuse is a concern that’s often overlooked because people expect physical or mental abuse instead. You can look for double-billing or charges that your loved one never benefited from. Consider having your name added to their bank account and credit cards so you can monitor charges more easily.

Be Alert, Vary Your Visitation Schedule

The first time you visited their assisted living facility, you were very aware and were trying to notice everything. Now that you’re accustomed to it, it’s likely you’re not paying attention as much and could be unaware of warning signs. Notice if there is broken equipment, unclean areas, or patients who seem to not be taken care of well. Would you still place your loved one in this facility if this were your first visit?

By visiting at different times and on different days, you’ll get the best possible sense for what your loved one’s life is like every day. You’ll get to know a lot of the staff and can better notice if anything is awry.

Access Inspection Reports

Inspection reports are completed about once a year under federal law, and three years’ worth must be made available in nursing homes. Pay attention to these reports and make sure they’re up to your standards.

Use Placement Services

Above And Beyond is a free placement service to help find a long-term care facility in the Phoenix area for your loved one. When you work with us, we’ll meet with you and your loved one in person and do a free assessment of their needs. We’ll then do a customized search to find the best facility for them, whether it’s a private residential home, assisted living center, memory care, hospice, or independent living. Above And Beyond will be their advocate in helping them live a dignified life. We have more than 20 years of experience in the Phoenix area — you can trust us to find the best option for your loved one and to know when changes are necessary.




Talk To Them

As always, the best way to get information is by communicating with your loved one. If they are mentally aware enough, they can be your best source for finding out how they’re treated. Ask leading questions like “Do you feel safe? Respected?” or “When you push the call button, how long is it before you receive help?” Ask them about other residents and staff and see how they respond. Ask about their sleep, diet, medications, and exercise, and see if they’ve made any friends.

Pheonix-based long-term care placement is a difficult process. There are many options and you don’t always know if your loved one is being taken care of. If any of these tips have triggered a realization in you that a change is needed, reach out to Above And Beyond today and we’ll help you find an assisted living facility and staff that will truly respect and care for your loved one.

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