How To Have The Assisted Living Conversation

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Once you’ve determined it’s most likely time to transition your parent into an assisted living facility, there comes the dreaded “conversation.” You may be reluctant to talk to your parents about assisted living for fear of how they’ll receive it. However, the conversation is crucial to ensuring your parents’ happiness and health. When you need long-term care in the Phoenix area for a loved one or parent, Above And Beyond offers free senior placement services so they can be in a place they love. But first, you need to talk to them about assisted living facilities.

Get Your Siblings To Help

If you have siblings, you’ll want to make sure you and they agree about how to help your parents, and how to . Determine how, when, and where to talk to your parents about assisted living. Do what suits your parents best, whether that means everyone together over family dinner or one sibling talking individually to your parents.

Be Aware Of Your Phrasing when you Talk to your Parents about Assisted Living

Words like “assisted living facility” or “nursing home” can initially have negative connotations in your parents’ minds. It can bring concerns over loss of independence, fear of death, or other emotional baggage. Try rephrasing by saying words such as “community,” “retirement-style living,” or “condo-style living.” Positive, non-threatening language can go a long way! You can also point out the social opportunities and activities they’ll be able to participate in.

Along with this, pay attention to the tone of your voice. You’ll want to speak calmly. After all, this is a conversation and not a final decision — make it an open conversation.

Find Out What They’ll Miss About Home

By determining what they’ll miss, you can make sure to either look for that in an assisted living facility or be conscious of those aspects and try to bring or incorporate them when you visit. You can reassure them that family will still visit and they can bring favorite possessions with them.

Suggest Using Placement Care

If your loved one is worried about how far they’ll be from family or what the facility will be like, using long-term care placement will help alleviate stress. At Above And Beyond, we work hard to find a facility in the Phoenix area that can truly become their new home. We’ll meet with them and you, tour facilities, and find the one that’s just right. Best of all, this service is free of charge so you don’t have to worry about additional costs.  


Review Finances

However, costs are clearly a large concern to both you and your parents. Your parents may worry that long-term care in Phoenix will completely drain their savings. By working with Above And Beyond, we’ll walk you through the associated costs and make sure you feel comfortable with the financial decisions you’re making.Conversations like these are never easy. But through open communication and following these five tips, we believe you’ll have a healthy, productive conversation with your loved ones that will lead to more happiness. Contact Above And Beyond today to help further the conversation and get your parents into an assisted living facility they’ll feel comfortable in and love.

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