Signs Your Senior Loved One May Need An Assisted Living Home

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Making the decision to put your parent into an assisted living facility is difficult at best. This emotionally challenging choice is influenced by many different factors, but most importantly you want your loved one to be safe and healthy. Below are seven signs it may be time to look into assisted living for your aging loved one. When you’re ready to make the transition, Above and Beyond Senior Placement Services is a senior placement service that will, at no cost, help you find an assisted living home that truly cares.

Social Isolation

If you notice a lack of companionship, it may be time to make the decision to put your parent into an assisted living facility. Whether the social isolation is due to declining health, embarrassment, friends who have passed on, or decreased mobility, this isolation can cause depression and loneliness. An assisted living home will provide your loved one with social interaction, which will greatly help their emotional and mental health.

Poor Diet

If your loved one is losing weight or food in their kitchen is consistently going bad, they may need help to be healthy. If the expired food goes unnoticed, this could be a sign of memory loss. A poor diet could lead to additional health complications down the road.

More Frequent Medical Care

Accidents happening more often or more frequently needed routine medical care are both large signs that it may be time for an assisted living facility. Experts can ensure appointments are kept and can oversee medicine usage, wound care, and proper nutrition.

Physical Limitations

Sure, a year ago your parent was fine. Now, however, he or she is struggling with the stairs and getting around the house. If your loved one has a history of physical issues or you’re afraid of them falling in the house and not having help, you’ll want to research assisted living options.

Lack of Personal Care

This could be because showering or grooming is too difficult or it could even just be lack of interest in hygiene. Whatever the case, be aware of this since your loved one may have a hard time asking for help. Pay attention to odors or if they’re wearing the same clothes several days in a row.


Worsening Housekeeping

Look for lots of clutter, dirty bathrooms, or neglected houseplants. If they have pets, make sure they’re being regularly fed, groomed, and taken care of. All of these could be signs your loved one is struggling to keep up with home and pet ownership.

Care Is Becoming More Difficult

You also need to consider your own health and not just that of your loved one. Whether it is too mentally, emotionally, or physically taxing for you to take care of your elderly family member is an important consideration. Making the decision to put your parent into an assisted living facility is never easy. Taking all of the pressure off of yourself can often lead to improved care for your loved one and better personal health.

Above And Beyond Senior Placement Services offers free senior placement services. Founder Susanne Schaeffer is an expert in this field and works tirelessly to ensure your loved one is getting the assisted living facility that will best match their needs. Transitioning to long-term care facilities in Phoenix can be overwhelming, but Susanne takes the guesswork out of the process and helps you better care for your loved one. Reach out to us today or schedule an appointment and change your parent’s life for the better.

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