Steps For Moving A Senior To An Assisted Living Home

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Moving a parent to a assisted living is often an emotionally overwhelming process. Because of this, it’s common to delay certain tasks that should be top concerns — like moving your parents out of their home. If you work with Above And Beyond to find long-term care in the Phoenix area, the entire process will go more smoothly. Read our blog today to find tips for moving a parent to assisted living.

Have Open Communication

Throughout the entire transition process, open and honest communication is absolutely vital. From the first conversation about moving to a conversation about family heirlooms that can’t be given away, you must work hard to communicate effectively with your family and senior loved one. This will simplify the process of moving a parent to assisted living and ensure feelings are being cared for adequately.

Utilize Placement Services

Our long-term care placement services will help take the stress off of you. Our services are free and will give you more time to help your family and take care of the rest of the logistical aspects involved with moving. We’ll meet with you and your loved one, identify needs, and find the best assisted living facility for them in the Phoenix area. We have more than 20 years of experience, so you can trust us to find a good home for your loved one while you help them move.

Make A List Of Important Items

You’ll want to be well versed in their current medications and know of any medications your loved one is allergic or sensitive to. Inform the facility of all information they need to take care of them. Have documents, such as their will, on the list as well.

By having all this information written down, organized, and accessible, you’ll ensure it doesn’t end up packed away in a box that is difficult to find later when it’s needed.

Your parent’s favorite plant, photograph, or movie should also be considered. Sentimental items that bring them comfort are important to have for their first night in a new place. Even if everything will be moved over and unpacked the following day, let them have their items that will make them feel more relaxed.




Plan, Plan, Plan!

Plan everything you can think of! The time frame for the process, when moving day is, and what to do with the current apartment or home are all important considerations. Enlist the help of friends and family now so that you’re not stressed and without help on moving day. Make sure to also plan for cleaning and repairs on the home. Whether you’re selling, renting, or giving the property to another relative, cleaning and repairs will need to be done — and they always take longer than you think they will.

Sort, Organize, And Minimize

Just like any move, you’ll need to be ruthless about what to keep and what to leave behind. Categorize by what needs to be moved, what to leave with family, what should be sold or donated, and what can be thrown out. Expect emotions during this process. After all, you’re looking through some of your own memories and not just someone else’s possessions.

If you’re moving a parent to assisted living, we hope this is a helpful guide for what to expect and do when transitioning your loved one to a long-term care facility in the Phoenix area. By using Above And Beyond for free senior placement services, you’ll reduce your stress and simplify the process.

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