What to Look For in an Assisted Living Home

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We understand that it’s challenging and can be emotionally overwhelming to make a decision on where to place a loved when it’s time for them to move into an assisted living home. Whether it’s a father or an aunt, you want to give them the best care, treatment, and home that they deserve. But how do you make that decision? It can take weeks to visit facilities and learn all of the necessary information.

At Above and Beyond, we want to simplify that process. Our senior placement services seek to offer guidance and advice during this difficult time. We will be there throughout the process so you can ask us any questions that you have. In the meantime, here are some tips to ensure that you find a comfortable and caring home.

Senior Placement Services PhoenixConsider the Level of Care

This will be an important question to ask yourself first and then the facility. Learn how much care your loved one needs; it usually falls within one of three levels.

  • If your loved one needs assistance 24 hours a day, you will need to find a home that has round the clock, skilled nursing staff.
  • If they are able to move around and do some activities themselves, the staff will just check on them during the day as well as take care of cooking, bathing, medication, etc. Elderly at this level typically have their own room or apartment within a larger facility.
  • Some elderly are able to take care of themselves, but simply want help with cooking or cleaning. Seniors at this level can have their own apartment or condo.

Ask About Rules, Regulations, and Licenses

When you’re looking for a senior living home, you want to be confident that the home is following all of the necessary rules and regulations as well as have all required licenses. Our senior placement services will do all of the necessary research in order to determine if a home is safe. You can also gain information from the Better Business Bureau to learn more about a potential home.

Take a Close Look

When you visit a facility, it should be clear that the grounds and rooms are all clean and well maintained. Ask yourself if the spaces are good enough for you to live in. If not, they aren’t good enough for a family member to live in.



Talk to Management, Staff, and Other Residents

Ask management about staff to resident ratios. There should be enough staff to ensure that all residents are getting proper care. You can ask the staff about certain processes, how residents get around to various activities, when are meals delivered, etc. Don’t underestimate the value of another resident’s opinion about the facility.

Contact Above and Beyond for Senior Placement Services

Finding a home that is safe, caring, and can provide the best service is time-consuming and overwhelming. Make sure that you’re giving your senior loved one a home that they will be happy in. If the process is at all confusing or too much to handle, Above and Beyond wants to help you find the perfect home. Our free placement service can ensure that they find a home where they can lead a great life.

Learn more about our senior placement services and contact Above and Beyond today in Phoenix and the surrounding cities.

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